In other order to align with its consumers, Seaman’s Royale, the original prayer drink from the stables of Grand Oak Ltd actively participated in the just concluded Anioma cultural festival.Speaking on the brand’s involvement with the event, Marketing Director, Grand Oak Ltd, Aare Fatai Odesile, explains that Seaman’s Royale is a brand that closely align with the culture and tradition of our people. “Seaman’s has great value and respect for culture and tradition of our people that is why we are supporting Anioma festival being one of the biggest cultural festivals in Delta State”.Interestingly, Anioma Cultural Festival is a symphony of culture from the nine Local Government areas in the Delta North Senatorial District.  It features different kinds of popular Anioma dance arts from diverse groups in a friendly competition among participants starting from the zones for a place at the grand finale which held on Easter Monday in Asaba, Delta State.Supporting the Marketing Director’s position, Category Manager, Grand Oak Ltd, Ayodeji Abiodun, explained that the brand puts its weight behind the event as a festival of dance, music, fashion and creative arts of historical values because it serves as a rallying point for the unification of Delta’s diverse population.According to the Category Manager, event like this defines us as a people and allow us allows us to pass from generation to generation our culture and tradition.According to Mr. Paddy Ugboh, Vice president, Organisation for the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), [OFAAC], the festival celebrates Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage for tourism and sustainable national development.  “More importantly, it is a testimony to the passion for culture as tool for sustainable community and national development and we are grateful for the enviable role played by Seaman’s Royale and Grand Oak Ltd” Mr. Ugboh added.

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