About us

The organisation for the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), is the culture umbrella body of the Anioma people, in Delta State. Nigeria established in November 2003 with core focus on the preservation, promotion and advancement of the appreciation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Anioma people and Nigeria. OFAAC is a non – governmental and non-political organization and membership spans across all classes of people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Membership is open to all sons and daughters’ of Anioma and non Anioma’s with sense of responsibilities in the advancement of Anioma and Nigeria’s cultural heritage.



Anioma (The Goodland), is located strategically from
the serene banks of the River Niger to the inland
stretching to Agbor. It consists of nine local government
areas with four dialectical groups in the Delta North
Senatorial District of Delta State. The inhabitants are
peace loving, with a unique cultural heritage and
very passionate with their traditional attire, dance/
music and arts. Each dance rhythm expresses the way
the people relate to particular events, or simply, their
aesthetic way of life.

The organisation for the Advancement of Anioma
Culture OFAAC) has moved steadily from a five
membership association to a large movement that
attracts nearly 15000 volunteers and loyalists. For
most volunteers and supporters of OFAAC, the
attraction to the organisation lies primarily in its
rich programs content and fast growing reputation
as non-partisan and not for profit organisation,
with sincere mission to project Anioma nation to

The Anioma Cultural Festival

The Anioma Cultural Festival is a festival of dance, music,
fashion, creative arts of historical values and other
performing arts, a symphony of cultures of the people
from the nine local government areas of Delta State,
Nigeria. The festival is aimed at revitalizing the culture of
Anioma people. Over the years the cultural festival has
become a veritable platform to showcase the aesthetic
arts of Anioma culture to a wide audience, re-socialize the
youths and adults in the true traditional values in harmony
with nature for a decent society.
The festival attracts hundreds of performing groups
from the region with an array of Anioma dance arts in
a friendly competition among participating groups.
Since inception the festival has flourished and rocketed
to a high standard, attracting great interest among
stakeholders in the public and private sector of Nigeria’s
economy and beyond. The festival was in 2005 adjudged
as the finest cultural event in Delta State by the Federal
Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 

Our Mission

The yearly Anioma cultural festival is aimed at revitalizing
the culture of Anioma people in all its decent aspects
through cultural fiestas and folk festivals. It is presented
as an avenue to expose and entertain a diverse audience
of culture and arts enthusiasts to a variety of the rich
cultural heritage of Anioma and Nigeria with unique
opportunities for group fan, relaxation, and socialization
as they connect with communal values and activities of
the people.

Our Vision

The Anioma Cultural Festival in synergy with relevant
stakeholders has helped in community and tourism
development in Anioma, thereby contributing to making
Delta State a culture/ tourism destination


• Royal /Stakeholders Engagement
• Festival- Dance Competition/Wrestling Challenge
• Royal Banquet
• Scintillating displays of the legendary Anioma
dance arts- the Royal Dance, Amala, Uloko,
Maiden Dance with well choreographed dance
steps, Contemporary Cultural Dance arts – offering
symphonic dances from young Anioma youths in a
gorgeous rendition of traditional songs in unique
rhapsody of pride.
• Traditional Wrestling challenge/ Traditional Flute
• Exhibition of Historical Artifacts/Crafts.
• Popular live bands to thrill the audience
• Raffle Draw and some of the most delicious and
nutritious Anioma cuisine has to offer.


Anioma Cultural Festival is a symphony of culture
from the nine local government areas of Delta North
senatorial districts, with varieties of Anioma dance
arts from diverse groups in a friendly competition
among participants at zonal competition for a place
at the grand finale on Easter Monday in Asaba, Delta
State. Corporate partners enjoy exclusive signage and
billing within specially designated VIP-areas of venue
at the three zones during the zonal competition and
grand finale. Sponsors also enjoy exclusive designated
areas where products are displayed and sampled,
experienced and enjoyed etc.

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