Culture Umbrella Body of the Anioma People

The organization for the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), is the culture umbrella body of the Anioma people, in Delta State. Nigeria established in November 2003 with core focus on the preservation, promotion and advancement of the appreciation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Anioma people and   Nigeria.
Cultural heritage
The Anioma nation is one that boasts a plethora of rich cultural heritage.  Anioma (The Goodland), is located strategically from the serene banks of the River Niger to the inland stretching to Agbor and
Anioma Cultural Festival
The Anioma Cultural Festival is a festival of dance, music, fashion, creative arts of historical values and other performing arts, a symphony of cultures of the people from the nine local government areas of Delta State, Nigeria. The festival is aimed at revitalizing the culture of Anioma people. Over the years the
Anioma Essence
In fulfilment of the yearning desire to create a sense of natural identity among the people, OFAAC engages in research and documentation of material and non-material culture of the Anioma Culture nation. One of the by-products of this publication is the Anioma Essence Magazine
Anioma Annual Lecture
The yearly Anioma cultural festival is the flagship event of the Anioma nation. It is the precursor to series of activities forming part of a deliberate orchestration which will lead towards the actualization of the vision of Anioma people which is to preserve and protect the cultural values of the Anioma nation
Ofaac Relief to Flood Victiim in Asaba
OFAAC donates relief materials to flood victims
The cultural umbrella body of Anioma nation, the Organization for the Advancement of Anioma Culture [OFAAC] penultimate week donated relief materials of various items to the state government for victims of the recent flood disaster in Delta State.
OFAAC Micro-credit
OFAAC is also saddled with the onerous task of not only bringing together, Anioma’s sons and daughters for the resocialization of Anioma culture, but helping boost small scale businesses within the Anioma communities

To preserve, promote and advance the appreciation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Anioma people and Nigeria.

To promote positive self-esteem and natural identity amongst the youth

To promote the use of traditional attires

To encourage traditional crafts for technology, tourism and economy stabilization in rural areas

To carryout research and documentation of our cultural heritage

To package and promote the unique culture of Anioma for national/international tourism

In 15 years of existence OFAAC has made appreciable progress in the mobilization of Anioma people with a sense of unity and provided a new platform for Anioma cultural revival. The major strategies and activities for this evolution are built around advocacy, workshop / lecture, research and publication, cultural festival, exhibition and micro credit scheme etc. These are part of OFFAC’s commitment to Anioma cause and in support to the National and International initiative on cultural development,  which is also in adherence with UNESCO’s call on all communities to actively participate in the preservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage of outstanding universal values scattered across the world.

The organisation for the Advancement of Anioma Culture OFAAC) has moved steadily from a five membership association to a large movement that attracts nearly 15000 volunteers and loyalists. For most volunteers and supporters of OFAAC, the attraction to the organisation lies primarily in its rich programs content and fast growing reputation as non-partisan and not for profit organisation, with sincere mission to project Anioma nation to prominence.

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