Welcome to OFAAC

Organisation For the advancement Of anioma culture


The organisation for the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC), is the culture umbrella body of the Anioma people, in Delta State.

Nigeria established in November 2003 with core focus on the preservation, promotion and advancement of the appreciation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Anioma people and Nigeria.

OFAAC is a non – governmental and non-political organization and membership spans across all classes of people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Membership is open to all sons and daughters’ of Anioma and non Anioma’s with sense of responsibilities in the advancement of Anioma and Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

What We Do

We Find & Fund

To preserve, promote and advance the appreciation and development of the rich cultural heritage of the Anioma people and Nigeria.

We Build Networks

To promote positive self-esteem and natural identity amongst the youth

We Strengthen

To package and promote the unique culture of Anioma for national/international tourism

We Educate

To encourage traditional crafts for technology, tourism and economy stabilization in rural areas

We Provide Care

To promote the use of traditional attires

We Consult

The major strategies and activities for this evolution are built around advocacy, workshop / lecture, research and publication, cultural festival, exhibition and micro credit scheme etc.

Impact Stories

OFAAC Donates Relief Materials to Delta State flood Victims

The cultural umbrella body of Anioma nation, the Organization for the Advancement of Anioma Culture [OFAAC] penultimate week donated relief materials of various items to the state government for victims of the recent flood disaster in Delta State.

To help ameliorate the pains occasioned by the flood, foodstuff including bags of rice, bags of beans, cartons of noodles, gallons of oil, soaps of different types as well as toiletries among other items was made available for the victims sheltered in different relief camps.